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Writing Outlet for African Writers: Urgent Opportunity

Are you a writer but disappointed with the lack of outlets to publish your work? Do you have a penchant for fashion and style? Don’t worry there are outlets for you to build your name and develop your competency.

As a fellow wordsmith, I empathise with your dilemma. And I am going to share opportunities I come across to help you to achieve your goal. I have been there too. I have that writing habit and live solely to write and share my experiences with kindred spirits.

As with any habit, it needs maintenance. I am lucky I have numerous outlets for my work. But when I am not writing, I have serious side effects. Guilt is one of them. I feel guilty because I feel like I am letting myself down through procrastination. I feel unfulfilled. I am irritable. I tremble and sweat like a junkie waiting for his next fix.

I sometimes feel like I am that servant who was handed a talent and instead of doing something with it, I dug into the ground until the return of the master.

One thing I love about writing is research. Research plays an important role in the writing life cycle. It is a treasure trove for the creative process. It informs your fiction and non fiction narratives and makes it richer. It adds texture to your work and sometimes throws up esoteric details that you might not have foreseen.

But above all, research allows you to become the instant expert in disciplines you might be ignorant of or not so well versed.

In addition, research reveals numerous outlets for your work. Never underestimate the research process.

For example, Renaissance Men SA is in need of all kinds of artists such as writers, photographers, etc. from all over Africa. If this is your niche, please check it out at the following link.


Renaissance Men SA looks like it is a great outlet to cut your teeth if you live, eat and breath style. They claim: Renascence

Renaissance Men SA is a men’s fashion, grooming and lifestyle online magazine. This space provides content for (South) African men sourced from (South) African brands and labels.

Aspiring to be the ultimate voice of reason for gents around the world looking for interesting and niche content, we strive to continuously provide the consumer with edgy and refreshingly local content.

Our aim is not to dictate. It’s to share, inspire and hopefully create an environment where style is understood as the definitive trademark each individual has amongst the see of fashion mongers.

Check them out because their deadline for writers, graphic artists, photographers, etc. is today. I’ll be updating you about more outlets I come across soon. If you have any questions, send me a message and I’ll respond.

Most writers are avid readers. And I am reading an insightful odyssey about a great black writer by the name of Alex Haley. His best known works are Roots (the book and the TV mini series) plus The Autobiography Of Malcolm X. Watch out for my review coming soon.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the love of your life, writing that is.

Don’t forget to check out the  Renaissance Men SA at this link.



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