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Why I am not siging a petition to create laws to protect celebrities in the aftermath of Caroline Flack’s tragedy

The suicide of Caroline Flack was a tragedy. I empathise with her family. I lost my sister who committed suicide too.

In that sense, I can relate and empathise with her family and friends with the guilt, pain, their loss and their feelings of powerlessness.

These are natural feelings that the surviving family and friends have to contend with. However, calling for stricter laws to protect celebrities and people in the public eye is not going to protect anyone.

It is a kneejerk reaction to a situation that people who are vulnerable think will make a difference. It is not a well thought out reaction.

It is more emotional than anything else and I can understand and empathise with where they are coming from.

Normally when people are making reactionary petitions, they are not well thought out.

They are driven by other considerations such as grief; pain, loss, and guilt. Those mixed emotions are enough to cloud anyone’s reasoning. 

They may think that they are doing something to protect someone else from going through the same things.

However, you cannot protect someone who is determined to kill themselves or self harm. They will do whatever it takes; that is the sad reality.

There is no law that can prevent someone from taking their own life when that time comes.

Instead, we risk getting flooded by over legislation. There is too much legislation in the world and we don’t need anymore.

So when I saw the following insert from an email from, I knew what I was going to do.

“After the tragic passing of Caroline Flack over the weekend, her friends are calling for stricter laws to protect celebrities and people in the public eye. Over 222,000 people have signed the petition. Will you?”

I was not going to sign it. I have nothing against Caroline Flack or her family and friends. It is not personal.

I do not believe having laws to protect privileged people is an answer.

There are people who have to put up with more vitirol than Caroline had to put up with. Take the case of Meghan Markle.

The media has given her a lot more flack; she has been the subject of racist attacks by celebrities and people in the public eye.

The likes of Germaine Greer a so called feminist is a typical example of people who have consistently attacked Megan. Forget that they are both women which makes the attacks so much more insiduous. She is not alone.

Two front pages images from the Express newspaper depicting the double standards fo the press when covering kate Middleton and Meghan markle.

The above illustrates the double standards of the media and the subtle racism that is insinuated in the subtle choices of a few poignant words.

Why should they be protected yet have the privilege of attacking people they don’t like for their own selfish reasons?

We don’t see the same kind of sustained attacks on Kate Middleton even for similar things they criticise in Meghan.

The media is always biased in reporting news. A black youth who commits the same crime as a white youth is demonised and depicted as evil and a devil.

At times, they don’t have to do anything bad at all. It can be good. But they will be demonised for being black. Their skin is their crime.

city boys

Image shows how the media depicts black people in racist stereotypes and demonises them even when they have done noting wrong but extols the virtue of white people for doing the same thing they lambast black people for.

Yet a white youth is humanised and referred to as a lad who made a mistake. He is not subjected to the racist stereotypes and vitirol directed at young black men or women are subjected to.

We should concentrate on treating people equally. We cannot have separate laws for different people.

Black people already have to deal with laws that are skewed against them. We have to deal with a judicial system that is biased against us and a media that only amplifies black stereotypes.

Nobody calls for laws to protect them from a racist media.

Having laws that protect celebrities only places other people right at the bottom rung of a  multi tiered legal ladder.

Celebrities and people in the public eye have made choices to live in the glare of the limelight and paparazzi. They invite them into their lives.

They may manipulate the media to get column inches and use them to get what they want in the form of publicity and influencer deals.

Therefore, it makes it difficult to introduce laws that protect these people because of the nature of their fleeting relationship with the media.

It cannot be ok to be milking the media when it suits them and tell them to fuck off when it doesn’t.

If you don’t like the media then get out of the limelight.

If a moth plays near a candle, one day it’s life will be snuffed out and so it is with celebrities who live their life under the spotlight. It is the natural cycle of that life.

What we need is less legislation. We need common sense that Jesus and other wise sages througout time were trying to teach that, “you should treat people just as you would like them to treat you”.

That would do a lot more to protect our sanity and generate more goodwill than selective legislation can ever achieve.

What we need is more humaninty and less legislation.

In conclusion, I say give us equal rights and justice.



February 18, 2020 · 4:22 pm

Corrupt Church ⛪ and Capitalist Charlatans


The church ⛪ today has lost its moral compass. The church ⛪ today has lost its moral and spiritual capital. The church ⛪ today is morally and spiritually decrepit.

It has devalued itself through its complicity with the oppressor. There was a time when the  church ⛪ supported the liberation movements. There was a time when the church ⛪ marched with the oppressed in protests against injustice.

There was a time when the church ⛪ braved the picket lines with the oppressed. Today, it has sold them out for thirty pieces of silver.

Today, the church ⛪ is Judas Iscariot. It betrays its lambs with a kiss. It conspires with the scribes and Pharisees and tax collectors and all that is vile and rank in society.

It leads its flock down the valley of the shadow of death and abandons them to be devoured and bludgeoned and persecuted and crucified by the scribes’ and Pharisees.

At least Judas Iscariot had the sense to hang himself when he realised the gravity of his betrayal. Not so with the church ⛪.

It is subsumed by its desire for a high position on the social and economic ladder. It has become a worshipper of material things. It has devalued itself because it has become a lover of the root of all evil.

It has lost its social and spiritual value in society. It has turned the father’s house 🏠 into a market place run 🏃 by capitalist traders who appeal to your 🏦 purses and wallets and pockets and bank accounts and 📚 and talk no longer about spiritual salvation.

They are wealth gluttons. Their insatiable hunger for economical and material wealth accumulation is behind their zeal to build bigger churches and build larger congregations and bank even larger collections.


Their eyes are on the bottom line. They are intoxicated by their new found fame and fortune. They are like snakes that dazzle their prey by putting on a show of brevity before they gobble them up unwittingly and mercilessly.

They are spiritual businessmen. They sell everything spiritual. They have a monopoly of the spiritual market and products.

They specialise in everything spiritual: spiritual airtime, spiritual soap, spiritual body oils, spiritual babies, spiritual petrol that tastes like juice to give you greater drive and vava voom in life, spiritual healing, spiritual bricks and if you buy one they multiply and soon you will have enough to build a mansion.

They are also spiritual personal and professional counsellors. They can give you a career if you had none or get you a relationship, a wife, a husband if you are in the relationship wilderness.

These guys are spiritual general dealers, not a specialist boutique, and they have a spiritual solution for any and every ailment that their congregation suffers. They trade in the spiritual cure all.


These are new age pimps who have stopped trading in the flesh but now trade in the spirit. These pimps dress 👗 in designer gear and drive designer chariots and preach to be rich is to be blessed and to be poor is a sin.

Seyi Rhodes (Film maker) and Dr Sign Fireman

Filmmaker Seyi Rhodes (left) and Dr Sign Fireman with the pastor’s bright yellow Hummer v2.0

To be poor is a sin they preach, and only through accumulating riches will you be saved through tithing a tenth of your wages to their bloated and obese bank accounts in foreign banks.

These pimps are oozing gold, and pockets dripping change 💵, they no longer preach it is easier for a camel to go through the eye 👀 of a needle than it is for a rich man 👨 to enter the Kingdom of God.


One of the top ten riches pastors in the world – David Oyedepo is his private plane and his acolyte.

These capitalist charlatans pay no tax. Neither are they accountable to anyone. The government ignores these spiritual frauds, these capitalist charlatans, in return for funding their election campaigns and endorsing the oppressor.

These capitalist charlatans’ perform miracles and claim to have God’s direct line where he tells them all kind of state secrets.

Yes, because God is their buddy, he tells them to warn the people not to demonstrate against poverty, corruption, looting of the country’s rich repository of mineral resources, unemployment, misgovernance because the end will not be a pretty sight.

People will die. State institutions will crush dissenters. The people must obey the word of God and not disobey those he has ordained to rule or so say the capitalist charlatans.

They tell the people not to be led by Satan, i.e. Activists’ or the opposition or civic society organisations.

The church ⛪ in complicity with an unjust government is an unholy Union. People are not blind they have 👀 to see for themselves. They have ears 👂👂 to hear. They have minds💀 to think. And they see through this unholy charade. They see through this pseudo spiritual prank.


Consequently, many young black men continue to drop out of the church ⛪ to seek political salvation elsewhere and the envisioned self through other means. The church ⛪ is a fraud and everything about it smells rank and foul.

For too long the church ⛪ has been playing with the guilty conscience of the oppressed and blaming them for petty evils such as crimes of need not greed committed by politicians and those higher up the political and social hierarchy.

The church ⛪ blames the poor for petty evils yet it ignores the greater evils in society such as oppression, corruption, lack of service delivery, malnutrition, hunger, unemployment, lack of medical services, etc.

Surely, God must have something to say about that. He can’t be a blind God. And if he is an all seeing God, Him and the church ⛪ have to start saying something about the terrible conditions the masses find themselves in.

His silence and complicity portray him as an unjust and unreasonable God who expects people to worship him yet he ignores their plight in contradiction of his teachings in The Bible – seek and you shall find. Ask and it shall be given. Knock and it shall be opened.

Until he answers the prayers of the oppressed and blesses their struggle he has lost the PR war to win the hearts and mind of the masses.

If both the oppressed and oppressor are praying to the same God and he continually favours the oppressor, he has no one to blame when people walk out on him. He shows Himself as an unreasonable and unjust God who is just as oppressive and exploitative of the poor as our earthly oppressors.

Our salvation lies not in the church ⛪. The church is a tool to keep us docile and mentally, physically and spiritually subjugated.  Brothers and sisters come out of that beast and seek salvation elsewhere.

We have been praying for hundreds of years without God responding to our cries. It leads me to believe he does not exist. And I know he is not in the habit of coming down to earth to solve our problems and make everything alright.

We have to fight 👊 for our rights here on earth and not wait to go to paradise after death. Some of us want our share of our slice 🍊 of the economic cake 🍰 while we are still alive.

#Aluta Continua! #Viva Revolution ✊✊✊

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Are You At Risk of Glaucoma Induced Blindness?

Main pic glaucoma

What would you do if you woke up one day and you couldn’t see? How would you cope with the little things you do and take for granted every day?

Both questions sound very hypothetical and they probably sound like they could never happen, at least to you. Well, you are wrong. It can happen to anyone. It can happen to someone who is very close to you. It can happen without warning.

I have recently been working with not for profit organisations that specialise in visual impairment and blindness. Working with them has made me aware of various things that we all take for granted.

We never consider how accessibility affects people who can’t read standard print or the internet. We never consider how lack of accessible material affects children who can’t see from birth or from an early age and how it affects their literacy. When adults lose their eyesight and can’t read, their diction begins to deteriorate. These are small things that never cross our mind because we take our sight for granted.

The flip side is that anyone can lose their eyesight at any point in their life. Glaucoma is one such cause of blindness and it can cause vision loss without warning. How do you know if you are at risk of glaucoma? Are you at risk?

Answer these five questions:

1] Are you of African, African Caribbean or African American origin?

2] Are you short sighted?

3] Are you aged 35 – 40?

4] Do you have diabetes?

5] Do you have a family history of glaucoma?

If your answer is yes to at least one of the questions above, then, you are at risk. You should be tested, ideally, once every two years. For some unknown reason, African Americans, African Caribbean’s or people of African origin are five to six times more likely to contract glaucoma.

Is that bad news? Hear this: it occurs earlier in people like us. Blindness from glaucoma is six times more common. This is not a conspiracy theory. It is real. Maybe the disease is racist. I am joking. But for some reason, it seems to target us and progresses rapidly once we contract it.

Congenital glaucoma

There are various types of glaucoma. It hasn’t got a uniform definition which makes it difficult to realise. However, there are three main types. These are [i] congenital/ hereditary glaucoma, [ii] primary open-angle glaucoma and [iii] primary angle-closure glaucoma. Overall, it affects about 5.2 million people which accounts for about 15% of blind people worldwide.

Unlike other conditions, there are no symptoms initially. This makes it difficult to recognise. However, painlessly and slowly it attacks your sight. Off centre vision is the first to go while central vision remains. The affected eye might have blank patches of vision but you won’t notice it because the other eye completes the picture. You won’t have any problems focussing because of the other eye compensating for gradual loss. You probably won’t even feel the need for glasses and that is the danger with glaucoma.

Old Man

If undetected and untreated, you will eventually lose your sight. Once vision loss starts, it can’t be reversed. However, the sooner it is detected; the treatment will be more successful. It is possible that your eyesight might seem excellent; however, that assumption is misleading because you could lose considerable sight irreversibly before you become aware of the problem. That is why it is crucial to get tested about once every two years, especially, if you are between 35 – 40 years.

Effects of open-angle glaucoma

Your optometrist can carry out a simple test to check if you have glaucoma. That test can also reveal if you have any other underlying conditions such as auto-immune disorders, dry eye, hypertension, Macular degeneration, shingles, inflammation of the cornea, raised cholesterol, hypertension, Pituitary tumours and Thyroidtoxicosis.

Eye drops are normally used to treat glaucoma. In more serious cases, laser treatment or surgery may be recommended. The great news is that once glaucoma is detected and treated, the majority of people retain lifetime vision.

Don’t take chances; take care of your eyes. Now you know you can’t blame ignorance. Spread the word. It is World Blindness Month; do something to raise awareness or get yourself tested. Don’t rely on carrots.

You can consult Google and search more about glaucoma. Alternatively, check the link below. Let me know what you think.



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