Be a postage stamp…

I came across the words from Napoleon Hill below and they inspired me to piece this article together.

“The most interesting thing about a postage stamp is the persistence with which it sticks to its job.” – Napoleon Hill

Think about it. If we are all persistent to our goals and jobs in life like the postage stamp is, we can achieve every single goal or task we start.

Image of Malcolm X on a stamp written Black Heritage USA

Sometimes we fail because we are not persistent enough. We give up long before the end is in sight because we get bored.

We get tired. We lose interest or we simply don’t have the willpower to see what we are doing to the end.

We get demotivated because the end is sometimes harder than the start and we just don’t have the mettle to keep going.

How many times have you started a project with great enthusiasm and dropped it the minute it got that bit harder? We can all start projects with gusto.

However, it takes a pretty determined and persistent person to see it through to its logical end.

In many cases, that is the difference between success and failure: who can finish what they start and who can’t.

But we can all learn from the humble postage stamp and be as persistent as it is, having one focus, getting the job done.

Sometimes we have to be blind to be successful. That means we have to close our eyes to all the distractions that catch our eyes and beckon us to abandon what we are doing or pursuing.

Whenever you are pursuing your dreams, your goals, your career, etc. and you find the going tough, just think of the postage stamp.

A postafe stamp with the image of Amilcar Cabral from 1979 and the dates 1924 - 1979.

Be a postage stamp my friend. Stick to your job, be persistent at it, and run the full course of whatever it is you are pursuing.

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