Ancient Africa: History of Science Society

This article challenges the single story and debunks a lot of myths about Africa as a place that has made no contribution to the world. Read with caution ⚠ because it may cause severe cognitive dissonance which has no known cure to date. Only more recommended reading and enlightenment will ease the discomfort over time. Please note: Proceed ahead if you have the mental stamina to embark on a marathon read. If you can endure it to the end, you will emerge more enlightened than you were before you embarked on this journey.

Sincere Ignorance

None of this is in my own words and for some reason the page no longer exists, maybe they are rebooting. The other sources still remain though. It is long but informative.

History of Science Society Africa


Gloria T. Emeagwali(with assistance of Constance Hilliard)


The history of the sciences in Africa is rich and diverse. In ancient northeast Africa, those regions such as Egypt, Nubia and Aksum that had evolved large, complex state systems, also supported a division of labor which allowed for the growth of science and the more practical technologies involved with the engineering of public works. In other parts of Africa, in the various city states, kingdoms, and empires that dominated the political landscape, science and technology also developed in various ways. The applied sciences of agronomy, metallurgy, engineering and textile production, as well as medicine, dominated the field of activity across Africa.

So advanced was the culture of…

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