Nocturnal Wanderings

Victorian Houses

I am a flâneur

Strolling through the narrow arteries of the great city

Under the watchful gaze of the pregnant moon

I cross deserted squares

And follow rows of terraced Victorian houses

On both sides of the narrow streets

Where once upon a time carts and coaches ran

Behind great horses with shining manes

The entangled labyrinthe of the city

Shines like a cluster of diamonds

Bathed in waves of phosphorescence

Thames at Night

I stand by the bank of the Thames

Gazing at the sparkling stars

And city lights flashing in her waters

Here Marlowe once remarked in the Heart of Darkness

It was once a very dark place

London At Night

The sleeping city roars like a raging river

Outside my bedroom window

I curl up like a seed in a pod in my bed

And I rise and fall rise and fall

Like a tiny shell riding the waves of that great river

London From Balcony 2

I traverse all over the city

Without setting a foot outside

While others dream with their eye curtains shut

I dream with my eyes wide open

Seeing the city in my inner eye

Drawing from my memories of

Sights I captured on my walks

As a flâneur traversing

London streets’ at nightfall

Now I project this lucid picture

Upon the closed curtains of my eyes

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