It never rains but pours for the ANC. The rain was not very forgiving during Mandela’s funeral and dampened the spirits of many. Maybe those residing in the heavens were displeased with the proceedings and let the crowd know their disapproval. Maybe there are some who are better at reading the skies and interpreting the signs than I can. I won’t pretend I know how to and act as a fraud like the ANC.

The ANC is totally clueless and is unable to run the country. They can’t even run a simple funeral. Seriously, how hard is it for a party full of educated and rich people to secure a competent sign language interpreter? Ramaphosa has enough money to hire several busloads of interpreters and it wouldn’t make a dent to his acquisitions from his BEE enterprises. Instead, they secured a cheap fraud and clueless con artist to move his arms about on stage while saying nothing.


I was rebuked for calling the funeral a circus before it even happened. However, I was right. The laughing points make it difficult to argue that it wasn’t a comedy of errors. Mr. Bean or Del Boy would have struggled to come up with a more entertaining plot which provided quite a lot laughs. As I said before, the only thing missing were some clowns to complete the circus.

The audacious nature of the ANC is beyond belief. How did they expect to pull this fraud off live on an event beamed internationally? They made a complete mockery of Mandela’s funeral. It is a question of gross incompetence. It doesn’t need a rocket scientist to secure the services of sign language interpreter. All it takes is an idiot with half a brain, Yellow Pages or Google and a telephone. Money is not an issue. Many would have provided their services for free to interpret at Mandela’s funeral. It would be an honour. It is evident the ANC hasn’t even got enough idiots with half a brain. Zuma even struggled to read his speech making Malema look like an accomplished spokesperson.


The ANC were too busy canvassing votes, using Mandela’s death to squeeze out as much political and social capital as his frozen body and memories could yield. It was in bad taste using the funeral of an international icon to campaign and turn the funeral into a party event. However, it was an own goal in the FNB Stadium which had locals booing Zuma reminding him that he can fool others but not the masses in that stadium. The masses were right to boo him registering their displeasure and what they knew, that Zuma and the ANC were frauds trying to hoodwink the masses and pull wool over their eyes. But Zuma can’t fool people all the time.

Zuma proved wherever he goes or whatever he does, fraud charges follow in his wake. It is inconceivable how so much can go wrong in a few hours. It illustrated Zuma and the ANC’s incompetence. They can’t organise a hero’s funeral yet Mandela’s funeral had been on the horizon for months. Some claims suggest he died in July since no one saw his body between July and December and his funeral was delayed to avoid overshadowing Obama’s visit to South Africa around the same time.  The question is: if they can’t organise a funeral, how can they run a country effectively?

Confidence from Zuma’s string pullers will be low. He might not be directly involved for hiring this fraudster but leadership is about delegation and if he can’t delegate to responsible people then, the person who will be left with egg on the face is Zuma. Cara Loening, Director of Sign Language Education and Development in Cape Town, blasted the sign language interpreter, “He is a complete and utter fraud.” This is one fraud too far the ANC tried to pull off hoodwinking the people.

Yesterdays circus will probably be remembered for the wrong reasons and the talking points have desecrated the old man’s funeral and memory. It resembled a creche playground with leaders of international immorality misbehaving and acting inappropriately.


Obama couldn’t resist flirting with the Danish PM and Mrs. Obama didn’t look too pleased with her husband’s indiscretions. Her clenched jaws registered her displeasure. She eventually changed the seating arrangement to nip the blossoming relationship in the bud.


Others took the opportunity to promote themselves taking selfies and what not. Some went viral and provided the talking points overshadowing Mandela’s funeral. It shows they were not there for Mandela but using the old man the same way they played him when he was alive wheeling him out at corporate events or using him as a spokesman for their own agendas and interest.

By the way, did Obama snub Winnie Mandela? Barrack is a white man’s poodle; he is not fit enough to kiss the heels of Winnie’s feet. She is a liberation struggle icon and has more balls than him. She stood face to face with proper racist white men and kicked their arses not like Obama who got to where he is kissing the arse of men Winnie swatted like flies. The legacy Obama talks about was built by Winnie Mandela taking on the might of Apartheid while her husband was in jail and keeping the name, Obama reveres today, in the mind of the public.

Mandela’s funeral turned out to be a glamorous circus missing clowns to complete the act. Even George Bush the cartoonists’ favourite fool behaved better than Zuma and Obama. He walked off looking like a wise man considering how dumb Dubya is. He is as thick as a sack of hammers, he can’t find the door leading off the stage; I am sure Zuma would have done with a door to duck away soon after the boos to save face. The ANC turned Mandela’s funeral into a comedy of errors. The crowd and other world leaders didn’t help but ultimately, the host is responsible for any event that goes wrong.

Zuma’s political capital is low and he has a tough job to lift himself up. Malema’s latest revelations that Zuma built a swimming pool for R2.5 million yet none of his family can swim will ensure that this circus is far from over. This is no laughing matter. This is no singing and dancing matter either. I am sure his machine gun would have worked a few years ago but his problems now can’t be silenced using the barrel of a gun to mute dissenters as the ANC did at Marikana. What can he do when he is the architect of his own nightmares? Something will give sooner or later. The people won’t forgive Zuma for turning the funeral of an icon into a comedy of errors. The people never forget. There’s always a price to pay when the people are fed up or gatvol as they say in South Africa.


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  1. Ntsako Kevin

    This is stupid, people who sent you to write rubbish about the Great Madibas funeral must be ashamed of themselves, you are not even factual in your assumptions. these are desperate attempts to discredit the ANC or Zuma in particular. The ANC led government did well my highlight of the day was to see all South Africans across all races Blacks ,whites, Indians and so on. singing,chanting and dancing in one voice under one roof galvanized by the same ANC government. this reflected what President Mandela stood for Peace, Reconciliation, a non racial non sexist prosperous South Africa. The event reflected unity in diversity at its best. Please sit down and sallow the bitter pill. Mandela of the ANC is celebrated by the whole world under the stewardship of the current leadership of the ANC led by President ZUMA. it is indeed unfortunate for you to find the event a circus you are just an angry soul you need serious help to many of us the event meant a lot and was much appreciated. If you an African you would know that rain during the cause of a funeral or when somebody great in a community has fallen signals a lot of blessings to that family and people around the community and every living soul that mourns such persons death. South Africa is unfortunate to have people like you. You don’t belong in the Mother land.


    • Dear Kevin, please note that I write not for money but for love. I love Africa and Africans and that is my target. I write to uplift my people. I write to uplift the consciousness of my people.

      I have no need to discredit ANC or Zuma because they do that by themselves. As a writer, I am merely a mirror reflecting the reality you choose not to see. Look at the facts objectively and see for yourself.

      The interpretation of the rain is subjective and can be interpreted in many ways. I can simply tell you that the gods had nothing to do with it raining but the conditions appropriate for precipitation were ripe and it was natural and had nothing to do with Mandela’s funeral.

      It is ironic that you have selective visions and choose to ignore all other signs if you are that competent in reading signs. The booing of a sitting president at the funeral of South Africa’s greatest politician is a sign that has not gone amiss internationally. It was headline news. How do you think that goes down? What is its significance at the funeral of Mandela? In Africa, we say that is a bad omen.

      The omens didn’t stop there. Look at the scandal that now engulfs the sign language interpreter. The guy is a fraud. How could the ANC use this guy when they knew he didn’t know anything about interpreting sign language and then come and claim that they don’t know who it is? How can they not know who he is when he has been by Zuma’s side so many times faking sign language while getting paid for doing nothing as illustrated in the link below?

      The ANC admitting that they don’t know who the guy is what is termed a security lapse. That is tantamount to say that they put the leaders of various countries at risk. Do you know how stupid that makes them look? But seriously, they don’t expect anyone to believe that. How do you dent knowledge of a sign language interpreter on stage wearing official accreditation? That there is another bad omen brother.

      Wake up and you will see. Things are not what they should be. Somebody has to speak if you choose not to and think that burying your head in the sand is going to change anything. The ANC has failed to kill a non story about this guy by simply admitting their mistake, apologise and move on rather than let this story continue overshadowing the funeral and memories of Mandela.

      These are the stories dominating international news at the moment illustrating the incompetence of the ANC. As I stated above, there are not enough idiots in the ANC with half a brain to deal with such simple issues like these. All these are bad omens but you refuse to see the simple truth and accuse me of being stupid. Patriotism should not make you so blind to make you fail to see the faults in our leaders.

      In Mandela’s words, “If the ANC fails to do to you what the Apartheid government did to you, then you must do to the ANC what you did to the Apartheid government.” It is our duty to ensure the ANC stays on its feet and we put pressure on it to deliver the promises enshrined in the ANC Freedom Charter.

      That is what we toyi toyied for. That is what we fought for. That is what we died for. We were not fighting a racial system alone but an economic system that oppressed us and used as for cheap labour and stole our resources to enrich themselves. This economic system is still operative today and operating under the banner of reconciliation and neocolonialism. We didn’t cry, fight and die to party with the white man. We were fighting for concrete things, the land, clean water, electricity, schools, land, etc.

      The struggle didn’t end with independence. The struggle continues to liberate our people from ignorance, imperialism, racism, tribalism, poverty, lack of education, lack of access to the land, lack of access to the means of production, unemployment, etc.

      I am a son of the soil. I have the blood of warriors running through my veins. I love my people and my people come first in Africa. Their interests are my interests. Every race is fighting to defend their interests, why shouldn’t we defend the interests of Africans? Listen to yourself: “You don’t belong in the Mother land.” You sound like a sellout to the motherland who is the imperialist’s lapdog. You are the dangerous type of Africans who sell their own out for a few pieces of silver. The type that thinks if you are invited to a party by white people or hang around with them in Sandton, Rosebank and Hyde Park you are better than other Africans. I would rather see economic justice for my people than to accept empty gestures of reconciliation without transformation.

      As Steve Biko put it, Any form of political freedom which does not touch on the proper distribution of wealth will be meaningless.” In this regard, the ANC has failed. They wrote the script for themselves and my responsibility is to reflect the facts as they are without whitewashing them.


  2. zoey de boerhaave.

    I hate it when a half cooked brains with an access to computer think they are making sense. I am not even a South African but booing of the president just shows that most Africans have no clue about place and time. That was a memorial of a great leader not campaign rally to come and bark. It shows those people were not there to mourn Mandela but to see Obama and other world leaders. Many things went wrong but a great deal of things went right. If you were objective you could have highlighted that also. Security lapses happen every day. How many times have we had gate crashers in the white house? even at the royal palace? Most white south Africans don’t like zuma but guess what none of them will go to a funeral and start barking. So its better if this blog was to educate that populace not to act on emotion but on ratio. Use brains.


    • Hi Zoey, you are entitled to your opinion. I am entitled to mine. The people who booed Zuma have their right to express their views and I defend it and I won’t condemn their actions. I don’t need to agree with their actions but I defend their right to boo the president. You and I may never do that because we have voices. Having a voice is a privilege not everyone has. The people who booed Zuma may not have the same privileges you and I have. They don’t have voices. Therefore, they used the opportunity they had. People in South Africa have been brutally silenced using state agencies such as the police. I don’t believe in the muffling of legitimate dissent using the police and violence. Therefore, if people have their avenues of dissent sealed off they will find other outlets. Mandela encouraged people to stand against the ANC government if it fails to deliver and I am sure Mandela would have approved of the people standing up. Let’s not forget that Mandela was a political figure who manipulated any avenues avialable to make his point even endorsing violence. In any struggle, publicity plays an important role and the people scored a coup de tat in that respect and let Zuma and ANC know they were dissatisfied with the corruption and all other matters.

      I am not here to regurgitate what you can see on CNN, BBC, etc. They reported what went well. I am not going to repeat that. News for me is the extraordinary which I dealt with. That is my concern. The facts are objective. Everything can be verified. The funny thing you accuse me of being not objective. Can you even name one government or privately owned media is OBJECTIVE? There aren’t any objective broadcasters or newspapers. They are all biased towards their governments propaganda or their advertisers.

      Security lapses happen everday you say and when they do happen they make news. So what is different here? The lapse by the ANC is not really a lapse. The guy they used is an ANC guy. Look at the video link and you will see that he is in the video wlith Zumaand the partu have used him numerous times. It turns out the guy has a rape and murder charge and they put a murderer on the stage. Funny thing is that the guys murder charges disappeared mysteriously. This illustrates how cronyism is being manipulated and people are not happy with such corruption; therefore they booed the president. I defend their right to boo even if I don’t agree with them because this was the only occasion they had a voice. They used it well and let the world know that Zuma is skunk.


      • Zoey de boerhaave.

        I agree with you zuma is a skunk, And those that booed have a right to boo, remove clothes, pee any way they choose to express themselves. For me my problem was the place and time. That is a funeral for Gods sake. Its like you going to a funeral of your father and you see your school bully at the funeral. Will you continue with the funeral or first engage the bully in a wrestling fight?
        Elections are around the corner, I hope those people will go and vote. That is a more effective way of showing discontent. ANC used a person who was a con, it shows how corrupt they are, they should pay for that at the polls for shaming the south Africans but lets not exaggerate it. Most outsiders don’t care who is zuma or ANC. Unless Africans learn to strategize they will remain at the bottom.
        Today Mandela is celebrated by the world because the picture the apartheid regime painted him of a bloodthirsty violent African is not what the world saw. The man came out refined, not screaming murder and preaching reconciliation. At this moment there is lots of discussion in the world how after the death of Mandela south Africa will turn into Zimbabwe (of course I don’t believe this will happen) but I dream for the day I will see Africans behaving in a civil way and strategizing and using effective methods and not acting on emotion.


      • I agree with you about the time and place. However, in South Africa, there is a culture where the ANC has traditionally used funerals to make political points such as sloganeering and stuff. So, it becomes difficult to set up standards when the ANC is the main architect of these culture of using funerals to make political points. This link here is a programme called Question Time which normally airs in the UK but this time they did a show in South Africa talking to the locals and the issue about the boos came up. Listen to what the people have to say about it and the reaction from the ANC. I think some of the comments already echo the point I made above about people not having voices but there are other poignant points made by the people and there seemed to be a consensus to condone the boos and not condemn them. Your example is very apt but the question is: when there is no propriety in the first place, what can you expect of those people?

        I also have another link for you which sums up better than I did the shambles with the whole funeral and the meaning behind that fake signer lol

        If you can’t read it, the crux of the article is crammed into this paragraph:

        “And was this also not the truth about the whole of the Mandela memorial ceremony? All the crocodile tears of the dignitaries were a self-congratulatory exercise, and Jangtjie translated them into what they effectively were: nonsense. What the world leaders were celebrating was the successful postponement of the true crisis which will explode when poor, black South Africans effectively become a collective political agent. They were the Absent One to whom Jantjie was signalling, and his message was: the dignitaries really don’t care about you. Through his fake translation, Jantjie rendered palpable the fake of the entire ceremony.”

        The question you raise about South Africa in the future is covered in the link to the Question Time. In fact, it was the main purpose of conducting the programme. I think you will sense a lot of anger and frustration from the young black and sometimes older generation because of the lack of transformation and redistribution of wealth. These are very poignant questions which weren’t dealt with in a political setting. This was how it all started off in Zimbabwe as general anger by the people until the people eventually invaded farms. You will hear comments about Mugabe starting it but the truth is that Mugabe followed the people’s lead because he had lost a referendum and he couldn’t afford to lose the people who were reclaiming land. So, he made it official policy. What you will not hear is how Mugabe defended the land for 20 years often using violence and the police to evict the locals but as long as he did that he was a hero in the West. Even while Mugabe was butchering the Ndebele in the 80s and protecting the interests of a tiny minority, he was awarded knighthoods, honorary degrees, Nobel peace prize nominations, invitations to Buckingham Palace to shill and ride with the queen in her carriage. The moment he started supporting the land reclaims and stopped defending the interests of a tiny minority, he became a black Hitler, dictator, etc. I think the problem is not with specific leaders but general hypocrisy among all politicians who defend their own interests and hamper genuine transformation from happening. I was amazed by how Peter Hain clearly denies that Britain refused to play its part in fulfilling the land redistribution in the Question Time programme. However, this is clearly documented in the Clare Short Letter written in 1997 just three years before the land reclaimation begun in Zimbabwe. All these issues are never discussed by the Western media. They are very selective about the facts they use so that they can damn Mugabe and underplay their responsibility in the whole affair. Here is a link to that Clare Short Letter. I hope it allows you to gain better insight and you can see how a “respectable” man will deny the truth to score political points.,9069,1015120,00.html

        I think the problem is we have politicians [all over the world] who are not forthright about their intentions and most are corrupt anyway. Some are more open about it while some are slick and know how to bullshit their way out of the muck. Judging by the mood in the audience in that Question Time programme, a Zimbabwe is not impossible. The conditions are right. The people are frustrated by policies like willing buyer willing seller which the ANC admits are not working. These same policies didn’t work in Zimbabwe also. All that I can see, is that within a few years, Mandela’s historic compromise will explode. A lot of people are dissatisfied with the talk of reconciliation because the oppressed in South Africa got nothing out of it. A few black bourgeois and the minority white population gained the most. This is the main bone of contention. I feel pity for the person who has to undo Mandela’s policy because he is doomed to fail and will be accused of destroying Mandela’s legacy even if that person’s intentions are noble and to address a legitimate concern.


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    • Thanks Translate google apis. It is a pleasure to be able to supply quality content. Please do bookmark and I hope to be blogging a lot more in the days to come. I have plenty to share. I haven’t been able to blog for quite a while because I was involved in a new publishing adventure. Thanks for all the good wishes. I hope you contimue to enjoy my blog.


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